Blocking Buyers

This question was asked once before but didn't really get an answer.

Is there a way to block bidders or certain buyers?



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  • Why would you want to block them?
    Unless you’re dodgy and they have every rights to harras you
  • In my over 20 years selling online the vast majority of buyers have always been outstanding upright people, but if you sell enough you are bound to run across some unsavory buyers and as a top rated seller I should have the right to avoid them. A few examples of buyers I like to avoid includes:

    #1 The scum bags that try to return a lesser grade item than the one they were sent , The old "switchero" I call them. This mainly happens with sports cards.

    #2 The "My kid bought it without my knowledge" buyer . I would just as soon not have to deal with these morons.

    There are plenty of other reasons a seller should have the right to block buyers they do not wish to do business with and it doesn't have anything to do with the seller being "dodgy"
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