Shipping F Ups?

I have been screwed on two orders this past year due to USPS shipping.

I've contacted both sellers and both were willing to look into the issue but ultimately, because USPS showed package "delivered" I was now in receipt of the books, while in reality I never got them.

I spend a lot of money on this site and I am willing to buy high dollar books. However, if you are not willing to ship via UPS or FedEx, which I'll pay the ground rate, I am not going to make purchases from you and I will not pay my auction bids.

Hipcomic needs to address this as you are about to loose a customer.

All sellers MUST provide other shipping options on orders. Let the buyer decide on the shipping cost as at least my books will get to me!




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  • "I will not pay my auction bids."

    That will get you kicked off of HipComic!

    The smart thing to do is read all the shipping information and contact the seller with your concerns BEFORE you bid or buy!
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