ImplementedAllow for custom columns in the Bulk Lister

From a Seller:
I would like to be able to provide a csv file to the Bulk Lister, which uses my own column headings, and then be presented with an option to map my fields to HipComic's


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  • Mark

    When I first read this, I thought it meant that I could add my own custom columns into the upload, and they would show up on the "Details" tab under "Item Specifics". Now I realize it just meant that I could have custom headers in the upload file, and you've given me the ability to map those custom headers within the template as I upload the file.

    Is there a chance you could add the ability to upload custom columns that would show up on the Details tab, either under "Item Specific" of "Item Description"? As an example, I'd like to show catalog value, the catalog I used to price, and how I priced it. With stamp listings in bidStart, I was able to do this using HTML in the description, and when it synch'd over to HipStamp, it carried that information with it. For an example of this, look at item # 3312374 in HipStamp and look at the "Item Description" section.

    If there is a way already to do this through the "Description" field, could you point me at how to do it?

    Thanks for all of the time and effort you and your team are putting into this.

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    In the description field, if for example, you include a line such as:

    Condition: Very Fine

    When displayed to buyers, this will automatically look like:

    Very Fine
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    Can you comment on what the trigger is for the system to set Bold and then a CRLF? Is it the presence of the colon? I want to make sure I don't trigger it inadvertently.


  • It's when you have a line of text which looks like:

    Condition: Very Fine

    More specifically I believe 5-25 characters followed by a colon followed by 1-50 characters (or something along those lines - I'd have to check to be sure). But it's not just a colon on it's own.
  • I appreciate knowing the specifics. Thanks.

    Any other hidden gems in the code that we can take advantage of, that will allow for a bit more formatting in the description area?
  • When you use custom fields in your csv file, all you need to do is insert the header in the box in your template that says, "or enter default value." This can be done for the Title and Description. Just enclose the column header in double brackets: {{ }}

    I want to include the cover date in my description, so I created a column in my csv file called Cover Date, and inserted the header into the Description box of my template, as shown below.


    The result looks like this:



  • Ted

    Thanks for sharing the actual coding you are using. I ended up finding the same thing, but I'm taking a slightly different approach. Similar to what you've shown above, I'm also using a template to create a Bulk Lister template. Within the Excel file that creates the .csv file for upload, I've created a "Description" field with the same type of information contained in other columns. To get it to space properly, it appears as though the HTML

    code works to space out the information. By building it all within Excel, it allows me to be a bit more flexible with the number of items I include when constructing that area, depending on whether I'm listing singles, runs, or TPBs. Of course, I could create different templates within the Bulk Lister, but building it in Excel plays to my personal strengths a bit better. I'm not saying it is a better approach ... I'm saying it is a better approach for me.

    Thanks again for sharing.


  • As I read it. HIP has the ability to replicate your ebay store here. I only have a few items there, I would be here to list a bigger inventory without being charged a small fortune every month like on ebay. (I am more than happy to pay a % when something sells...joyous, in fact!) But I have concerns about putting a huge amount of time into listing stuff here and only having that work/effort here (I remember having a big store on ebay when they had cheap stores and then they jacked up the rate so much it not longer made sense to have $3 items there and all that time/effort was wasted when I scaled back and dropped those listings). Does/can HIP work with database software (and which ones?) to allow me to input my information there and then upload the info (and scans) to here?
  • Hi Jedediah,

    If you already have your inventory in a database, you should be able to export your inventory into an appropriate format to use with our Bulk Lister. For more details on how our Bulk Lister works, please see the following:

    Keep in mind if you create listings directly on HipComic, you can also export your entire inventory at any time.

    If you need any further help listing items with us, please click on the Contact Us button at the bottom of any page under Help, and our team can help you further.
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