Anybody collect Albedo / Usagi ?

Anybody collect Usagi yo jimbo?20200321_083700


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    Usagi yo jimbo get any love on here?
  • HI, I have a few Albedo 4,some 0's and a Huzzah 1. I sold my albedo 2, twenty years ago. I had no idea the price would be at where it is today.
  • Do u want to buy mine? What would u give me for it? Have not had it graded .What grade would you give it ?Minor stress marks and very minor color breaks.,Sharp perfect corners, smooth glossy cover,crisp bright white pages, shiney flat staples, firm straight spine, perfectly aligned, with still a hint of that new fresh book smell. Appears to have never been opened or read. I've offered it to a couple collectors and they made me offers but i really am unsure if they're fair offers or not..My pics are raw & not that great. I guess the grade may depend how forgiving they'd be on the stress marks .I really want to sell this quickly without having to get it graded or going on e-bay. I've been on a few different platforms for comic chatting, asking questions & starting threads, introducing myself and Rodney you are the only one who has responded to at least a thread. I have come to realize its close to impossible to make a friend online anywhere......much like it is... in person. Anyway let me know what you think.
    Thanks Rodney P.S. do u have a store on here? If so do u have "normalman"#2 ?
  • Just a heads up. There are no transactions or negotiations allowed on the forum. If you want to conduct business, you need to do it through a HipComic store.
    just sayin'
  • "Ted Tattletale Tyszka" LOL; that's so precious.
    Hey. Little girl. Nanny nanny poo poo! ROFL
  • I am of the opinion that he was trying to avoid trouble for the OP from the devs and was being helpful. NOT a Sheldon.
  • Thank you, Alex.
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