Name change on a New Store

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Hi All,
I did look around for an answer and I post * not sure if that went to the owner* my situation, Since 1996 I have had the Arak Zantara handle and just cant afford to lose it. When I first came to explore the sight and see that it was everything I enjoy in a site I came under the BigRednTexas* created to explore with anonymity* well , with the recommendation of my buddy Jonathon Hoffman , I pulled the trigger on opening a store. My problem is that it has Bigredntexas as the owner, I need Arak Zantara to own Arak's Archives. any help would be greatly appreciated before I commit time and resources to something I may have to cancel


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  • I would message the people from the site. They helped me change my username
  • Hey John Thank you. yes someone got in touch with me :)
  • ok I AM still waiting for a simple name change of owner on a new store.I cant load the store until I know its going to be ArakZantara please ... its a 45 second name change .
    I started at 4 in 1968 - left the industry approximately 1998 - back then it was a four hour response time. If I factor current generational issues,post outsourcing to foreign countries support, the silly divisiveness, I have seen since leaving the military, tearing our country apart ( even within my own Republican party) The 2020 guide to cavalier business practices The participation trophy, my right leg being almost more titanium then bone, safe spaces and a woman named Pelosi who must sleep hanging upside down ( according to Dennis Miller) because she is Bat- Sh*t crazy... calculations and the magic 8 ball suggest 7 to 8 days hmmm its the 7th Am I being overly optimistic? I should check back tomorrow .
  • It would seem that my estimates were off . 5 days before Christmas and still no change.... Well like the gambler said. You got to know when to fold em
  • We gotcha set up!
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