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If I go to SELLING and change the drop down box to WITH OFFERS, I see all of the items that I have offers on from potential buyers. I also see all of the items that I have sent offers out to potential buyers. When I go to view my new offers, I'd prefer to not to have to sift through the items that I've already addressed. Can you split the offers page into two sections? The top section would be offers that I have not addressed yet. The bottom section would be items that I have sent counteroffers out for but have not been addressed by the buyer yet.


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  • We've updated this in the Members Area > Selling > Offers section, as we can easily add multiple filters here for offers. From this page, you should now see the following items in the drop down:

    Open (Waiting on You)
    Pending (Waiting on Member)
    Open / Pending


    If you want to only view the Offers which need your attention, select the "Open (Waiting on You)" option.
  • perfect. thanks!
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