Act of vengeance 1988-1990 set

Looking to see if anyone has a set or a large amount of the act of vengeance marvel put across a bunch of comics.


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  • Don't have a set or a large amount, but I do have Captain America #365 & #366. Not sure if that's going to help you or not. :smile:
  • Still have the Captain America's Derek ?
  • Sure do. I’ll dig them out of storage and let you know their condition. They’re bagged and boarded too.
  • How much?
    Do you have any web of spider-man?
  • I'm not sure how much. I'd have to dig them out and check their condition. I try to grade raw books using my Overstreet guide. Maybe a couple bucks each. We can haggle too. :smile:

    This is what I have for Web of Spiderman: #2, 90 x 2, 95, 96, 104 to 106, 113 x 2 (one with the polybag and goodies), 125, 127, 129, Annual 9 x 2 (one with the polybag and goodies).
  • How much?
    Do you have any web of spider-man?
  • I already responded. Look up in the thread.
  • Sorry...I hit send again lol

    I'll take the webs too...

    You trade any?
  • Nope, I don’t trade. I’m looking to unload most of my raw books. I mainly deal with grading comics, but most of my stuff isn’t worth grading.

    Did you mean all the Webs, even duplicates?
  • Yes...
    All the webs that you want to sell.
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