Batch Edit to Remove a Postage Category WITHOUT Changing Other Categories?

Specifically, I can get into the batch edit, but when I go to change postage settings, it shows both the USA and "Everywhere Else" I have set up. I want to ONLY delete the option to ship outside the USA, but then it appears it will also apply whatever settings are on the USA option, which will overwrite all items, which I do NOT want, since some are books, postage is more since they weigh more, e.g. Overstreet Guides. I suppose I could just let everything overwrite, the find and edit just the more expensive shipping items that are heavier, which is easier than editing all items. (FWIW, shipping outside USA has become so expensive and risky, and insurance requires astronomical shipping options and rates, I have decided to just stop shipping comics and books outside the USA after analyzing current shipping and insurance options.)


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  • Try this: Bulk edit all your listings to eliminate the Int'l shipping. Then, to correct the shipping on the items with higher postage fees, search your listings for, e.g. Overstreet Guide, for which you have 14 listings. Then, in the selection box, choose Select All 14 Matching Listings, and bulk edit those. Repeat the search and edit for any other items which you can search by title keywords, such as Magazine or Lot.

  • I had planned to use the search afterwords, but it did not occur to me, as is obvious now, I could then bulk edit on the search results. Thanks for the tip.

  • Well, here is my experience with the bulk edit trying to accomplish this. I changed the basic USA postage after selecting all 500 plus comics. I also DELETED the entry in the bulk edit for postage for the item for outside USA shipping. I clicked the button to submit and execute. Nothing seemed to happen. Clicked again. Nothing. Waited. Dialog stayed. Finally I closed the dialog. Later after waiting a few minutes, started checking items. It appears to have applied the new USA shipping (standard 3.00 per item, but I had changed .10 per additional comic to .20 per additional.) That change appears to have been applied. But somehow it SKIPPED the Overstreet guides/books!?

    But what it did with the outside USA option is sort of buggy. In each item, that entry from setup is still there, but the field describing where it applies to is EMPTY. As I started going through all items one at a time and deleting that foreign shipping entry, I accidentally forgot to delete it, and the changes would not save, with message that I could not have the description/location field on the shipping line empty!

    Anyway, all items desperately needed cleanup after the import from BidStart, so I am doing that, and uploading new images from my archive of the pics I had on my web server of all items selling / sold.
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