Has anyone on here bought a comic and been scammed? Did not get what you paid for. Did you get your money? I’m in a situation where I feel I’ve been scammed. Just wanted to see if this happens often on this site. Thank you


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  • I've not had problems and I have done both buying and selling. Of course, with the number of people it is bound to happen but I am thinking it it not often.
  • It depends in the seller ive been buying here for 2 years you just have to vet out the crap vendors .your on your own getting your money back use PayPal and file complaints against the seller its a pain in the ass and can take awhile unless you are very aggressive. But there are some good legit sellers here.
  • The only problem I had was with "Cyberspace Comics", they ripped me off and then blamed me. They "didn't realize the description of Batman #1 didn't transfer from ebay" The photos they took did not accurately show the creases and wrinkles in the book. I paid $55 and will NEVER buy from CYBERSPACE COMICS again. Buyer beware .. it seems these guys are shady at best
  • Unfortunately, I am in the same boat as the OP. The seller hasn’t responded to any of my messages after I won their bid and I haven’t gotten the comic. It’s been over two weeks now.
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