Comic Books I'm Wanting To Sell

If anyone is interested in helping out a disabled Veteran who has a lot of Comic Books For Sale and we'll I'm looking to sell them so that I can complete the entire collection of WORLD'S FINEST COMICS and furthermore I already have in my collection of WORLD'S FINEST COMICS 178 different books and alot of the comic books I bought from Neal Adams a very good friend of mine and my family's that being said the Condition of 90% of the comic books are in NM CONDITION so please if you are interested in buying some other stuff I have such as SUPERMAN, ADVENTURE COMICS, DEADPOOL, GREEN LANTERN, POGO POSSUM, DETECTIVE COMICS, THOR, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, BATMAN, SILVER SURFER, WONDER WOMAN, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, ARCHIE, BETTY AND ME, MILLIE THE MODEL, ABBOTT & COSTELLO, TEEN CONFESSIONS, ROMANTIC STORY, DONALD DUCK, MICKEY MOUSE, BUGS BUNNY, DAFFY DUCK, TWEETY BIRD, YOSEMITE SAM, 3 STOGES, SMILIN'JACK, CGC GRADED COMIC BOOK'S, BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD, BROTHER POWER THE GEEK SET, CABLE, AND PLENTY OF OTHER VF/NM CONDITION BAGGED AND BOARDED COMIC BOOK'S... Screenshot_20201227-230119_1

Please let me know cause I am trying to sell them so I can get the other 70 or so Comic Books and any help with this task would be greatly appreciated my reason for doing this is because while serving overseas our house was broken into and I had WORLD'S BEST COMICS & WORLD'S FINEST COMICS 2-99 GET STOLEN AND I NEVER GOT THEM BACK BUT I MADE A PROMISE TO MYSELF MY WIFE AND MY PAPA THAT I WOULD COMPLETE WHAT HE STARTED TO.


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