The Top 8 Hellblazer Stories

Posted on Monday, August 14, 2023
Written by Charlie Saltalamaccio

Hey there, my fellow seekers of supernatural sass and paranormal pizzazz! It's your friendly neighborhood chatterbox, Charlie – the guy who knows a thing or two about summoning laughs and banishing boredom. Today, we're diving headfirst into the dark and devilish world of Hellblazer, where John Constantine struts his stuff and makes dealing with demons look like a walk in the park... if that park was situated in the fiery depths of, well, you know.

Buckle up, because we're about to uncover the top 8 Hellblazer storylines that'll have you thinking twice about making deals with the devil – or at least making sure you have a witty retort ready.

1) Hellblazer: John Constantine - 1988 Series (1988)

Ah, the year 1988 – a time when shoulder pads were large and morals were questionable. This series marked the birth of our charming antihero, John Constantine. Think Sherlock Holmes, but with more chain-smoking, magic, and a style that screams 'I'm too cool for your mortal coil.'

2) Hellblazer: Lady Constantine (2002)

Who says Hellblazer can't have a little feminine mystique? John's ancestor, Lady Johanna Constantine, takes the reins in this special. It's like time-traveling, but with more demons and less Instagram.

3) Hellblazer: Fear and Loathing (1997)

What do you get when you mix John Constantine, a trip to Las Vegas, and a dash of supernatural shenanigans? Fear and loathing, of course! It's like the Hangover, but with way more demonic possession and way less Zach Galifianakis.

4) Hellblazer: Original Sins (1992)

Step into the confessional, because it's time for a reckoning of Original Sins. This storyline dives into John's early life and the shenanigans that got him knee-deep in the occult. It's like Constantine: Year One, but with a lot more curses and a lot less studying.

5) Hellblazer: Good Intentions (2002)

Whoever said 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions' clearly had John Constantine in mind. In this storyline, our man John tries to do the right thing, and let's just say things go as smoothly as a demon on roller skates.

6) Hellblazer: Red Sepulchre (2005)

Red is a color that's typically associated with passion, danger, and, in Constantine's case, trouble. This storyline puts John in a bloody predicament that's like a murder mystery with a sprinkle of demonic spice.

7) Hellblazer: Bad Blood (2000)

They say 'blood is thicker than water,' but when it comes to Hellblazer, blood might also be thicker than demon goo. In this special, John's family drama takes center stage, and trust me, it's a family reunion you won't want to miss.

8) Hellblazer: Damnation's Flame (1999)

What's hotter than damnation's flame? This storyline, apparently. John Constantine finds himself tangling with a nasty curse that's like a fiery reminder that deals with devils rarely come with happy hour specials.

There you have it, you lovers of all things otherworldly! The top 8 Hellblazer storylines that'll have you thinking twice about dabbling in the dark arts – or at least keeping a witty retort handy when you do. Remember, Hellblazer isn't just a comic; it's a witty, gritty, demon-filled thrill ride that'll have you hooked from the first exorcism to the last one-liner. So grab your trench coats, your magic trinkets, and get ready for a supernatural escapade that's part occult, part attitude, and all kinds of awesome. Stay spellbound, my friends! 

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Charlie Saltalamaccio

Charlie was born and raised in Brooklyn and is a die-hard comic book fan. The crown jewel of his collection is his Amazing Fantasy #15, and he thinks 1986's Howard the Duck is still a grossly underrated movie to this day.

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