The Top 8 Green Arrow Stories

Posted on Monday, October 23, 2023
Written by Charlie Saltalamaccio

Well, hello there, comic aficionados and fans of arrow-slinging humor! It's me, Charlie Saltalamaccio, the guy who can tell a joke quicker than Green Arrow can notch an arrow and fire it. Today, we're diving headfirst into the electrifying world of Green Arrow, the emerald archer who's not just a sharpshooter but a sharp-witted superhero too.

Picture this: a billionaire playboy who moonlights as a bow-wielding vigilante, armed with a quiver full of arrows and a sense of humor to rival even the most seasoned stand-up comedians. Green Arrow, a.k.a. Oliver Queen, is not your typical caped crusader – he's got a penchant for trick arrows and a knack for delivering punchlines along with his punches. So, grab your bows, folks, because we're about to let loose the top 8 Green Arrow storylines that'll have you splitting targets – and sides – with laughter!

1) Green Arrow: Blood Of The Dragon (1987)

Let's kick things off with an epic adventure where Green Arrow heads to a mystical realm and, naturally, chaos ensues. It's like a superhero trip to Middle-earth, with arrows instead of swords and one-liners to boot.

2) Green Arrow: Justice League Rise and Fall (2010)

When Green Arrow's life takes a dramatic turn, and he crosses paths with the Justice League, you know you're in for a rollercoaster of superheroic proportions. It's like a family reunion with capes and snarky commentary.

3) Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters (1987)

In "The Longbow Hunters," Green Arrow ditches the trick arrows and takes on a more serious tone. It's like Green Arrow's 'Dark Knight' phase, with enough grit and determination to match the Dark Knight himself.

4) Green Arrow: Year One (2007)

Ever wondered how Oliver Queen became Green Arrow? "Year One" has your answer. It's like a superhero origin story, with plenty of laughs and arrow-slinging along the way.

5) Green Arrow: Here There Be Dragons (1987)

Dragons, magic, and plenty of arrows – this storyline has it all. It's like a fantasy adventure with Green Arrow as your snarky tour guide through the land of mythical creatures.

6) Green Arrow: Quiver (2001)

In "Quiver," Green Arrow returns from the dead, and you can bet your quiver that it's a wild ride with Oliver Queen's signature humor intact.

7) Green Arrow: Rebirth (2017)

A rebirth for Green Arrow means new adventures and a fresh perspective. It's like hitting the refresh button on your favorite superhero, complete with fresh jokes and new targets.

8) Green Arrow & Black Canary: Green Arrow/Black Canary (2008)

When Green Arrow and Black Canary team up, you know sparks will fly – and so will the witty banter. It's like a superhero power couple with a side of romance and laughter.

There you have it, comic fans! The top 8 Green Arrow storylines that prove you don't need super strength to deliver a super punchline. Green Arrow isn't just a hero; he's an archery ace, a quick-witted crusader, and a guy who knows that even in the heat of battle, humor can be the best arrow in his quiver. So, embrace your inner sharpshooter, keep on laughing, and get ready for a target-hitting adventure that's part heroics, part humor, and all kinds of epic. Stay on target, my friends!

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Charlie Saltalamaccio

Charlie was born and raised in Brooklyn and is a die-hard comic book fan. The crown jewel of his collection is his Amazing Fantasy #15, and he thinks 1986's Howard the Duck is still a grossly underrated movie to this day.

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