Interview with Dennis Mallonee: Founder and President of Heroic Publishing, Inc.


By Mark Rosenberg – Founder and CEO of HipComic

Known for publishing such titles as Champions, Flare, Tigress, WitchGirls Inc., and most recently the Sensational G-Girl, Heroic Publishing, Inc. recently joined HipComic, and set up a store with us. Within their store you can now find their latest releases, as well as their full catalog of back issues.

In speaking on behalf of HipComic, as well as myself personally, we’re happy to welcome Heroic Publishing, Inc., and their founder and President, Dennis Mallonee, to our site – welcome aboard!

While I’ve never had the chance to speak with Dennis before, I’ve followed his work for quite some time. In fact, one of the first comic books he was involved in creating, Champions, which was initially released under Eclipse Comics, can currently be found for sale in my personal store on HipComic. Which is why I was quite excited to be able to interview Dennis, and ask him a few questions that both I wanted to learn more about, and I’m sure you will as well!

Q: How did you first get involved in the comic book business?

A: The very first involvement in the business of comic books was through my association with the late Bill Mantlo. At a time when Bill was writing several different series for Marvel, he invited me to submit a Daredevil plot. That one didn’t get approved, but later submissions for Iron Man and the Solo Avengers series did get into print.

Q: In the mid 1980’s, you had worked with the Champions RPG creators (a popular role-playing game at the time), as well as Eclipse comics, to create a comic book adaptation of the Champions. After the success of the Champions with Eclipse, what made you decide to start your own imprint?

A: Heroic Publishing grew out of our already existing company, which had for several years been publishing the fantasy / science fiction magazine “Fantasy Book”. In addition to the Champions comic book for Eclipse, we’d also been packaging Eternity Smith for Deni Loubert’s Renegade Press. We simply pulled those titles in house, added Roy & Dann Thomas’s Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt as our third offering, and our small line of comic books was ready to go.

Q: What sets Heroic Publishing apart from other comic book publishers?

A: I have to think what sets us apart is our emphasis on the fundamental concept of heroism. The hero isn’t defined by powers or a costume. The hero is defined by his willingness to do what’s true, necessary, and right, regardless of the consequences. That, in context, is a simple rephrasing of “truth, justice, and the American way.”

Q: What’s the idea behind one of your newest creations – the Sensational G-Girl?

A: The Sensational G-Girl is meant to be a classic coming-of-age adventure, combined with a crisis of identity, combined with a quest. What happens to a young third-generation superhero when, right on the verge of adulthood, his world is upended and turned inside out? If you were a teenaged boy suddenly transformed into a teenaged girl, how would you react? And if your superhero mother were kidnapped by the same villains who “cursed” you into being a girl, what would you be willing to do, how far would you be willing to go in order to give yourself the best chance of finding and rescuing her? The story of the Sensational G-Girl is a story with a definite beginning, middle, and end, a story that will play out over the course of the next few years across almost every Heroic Publishing title. And we invite every comic book fan to come in and watch the adventure develop.

Q: If you could see one of your own creations star in their own movie, who would it be, and why do you think it would work as a film?

A: I wouldn’t limit it to one. There are many Heroic characters who would do well adapted to film. We have a storyboard for a short Black Enchantress feature in which she deals with a mystery involving occult misbehavior at a college fraternity house. And a series of short films starring Flare is already in development.

Q: Outside Heroic Publishing, what’s one of your favorite current comic book titles?

A: I love Usagi Yojimbo.

Q: Speaking of comic book titles in general, you had previously mentioned to me that you somewhat regretted selling a complete set of Silver Age Marvel Superhero comics back in 1980. That being said, what’s the jewel of your own personal comic book collection?

A: Even though I disposed long ago of my complete set of Marvel superhero comics, I made a point of holding onto the five issues of Miss America published by Timely that actually featured Miss America. Those are wonderful comic books, still largely overlooked by the collectors’ market. Indeed, that series was so overlooked that until I corrected the record, the collector’s market thought that only the first two issues had Miss America stories in them. But there were in fact five. I just wish there’d been more.

Q: Why did you recently decide to list all of your back issues and new / upcoming books with HipComic?

A: There needs to be an alternative to eBay that actually focuses on comic books and related products. We’d been contemplating the notion of launching such a site ourselves, but HipComic is well designed and serves that need. So to whatever extent Heroic Publishing can help support the HipComic venture by adding to the variety of product fans are able to purchase, we’re glad to be able to help.

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