HipComic Product Update feat. Bulk Lister Improvements :: Nov 20, 2015

Welcome to our first official product update post for HipComic!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working with sellers to bring their listings over to HipComic – as we’re currently in our Seller Recruitment phase. During this phase, one of the first features we built was our ebay sync tool. With our ebay sync tool, new sellers with active ebay stores, can be up and running with their listings on HipComic in as little as 2 minutes. Once an ebay sync is set up, any active and new listings on ebay will come over to HipComic, and any items closed or sold on ebay, will be updated on HipComic. Additionally, when a sale is made on HipComic, the corresponding ebay listing will be updated.

We knew this feature would be a great way to get sellers started on HipComic, and over the past couple of weeks, as sellers have started exploring our website – we’ve had quite a few requests to enhance our Bulk Lister as well. The primary reason being that many sellers have additional listings not on ebay, either on their own websites, or in database / spreadsheet form which they would like to bring to HipComic.

Based on this input, we’re happy to announce that we’ve already made several enhancements to our Bulk Lister! These include:

  • The ability to upload a spreadsheet with any column names (and even no column names) to the Bulk Lister, and then be presented with an option to map your columns to our fields
  • The ability to select which row in your spreadsheet is the header row
  • The ability to upload a zipped version of your csv file
  • Now, by default, if you include Private IDs (Seller SKUs) in your spreadsheet, and you have a corresponding active listing – we’ll update that listing instead of creating a new listing
  • The ability to optionally indicate that you are uploading your entire inventory, and request that we remove any listings no longer included in your file
  • The ability to “build” any field from multiple columns in your spreadsheet, as well as static text. For example, you can set the “Item Title” to be “{{Series Name}} #{{Issue Number}} in the Grade of: {{Column::H}}”
  • The ability to set default values for any specific column
  • Initial support of “Magic Categories” so that you do not need to provide the specific HipComic category for each listing (more details and improvements coming soon)
  • Detailed post upload status reports showing success / failure per row of your file, including warnings and notices

If you’re interested in checking out these new options, please sign in to your account, and proceed to the Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Bulk Lister page. If you would like to learn more about our Bulk Lister, or have additional questions / suggestions, please let me know!

Best Regards,
Mark Rosenberg
CEO & Founder – HipComic

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